We are dedicated to responsible operations, the highest safety and environmental standards and working with stakeholders to enhance the communities where we operate.



We strictly comply with environmental regulations, prevent environmental pollution, promote energy conservation and waste reduction, utilize resources reasonably, emphasize on continuous improvement and develop green mines. The main objectives for the Group to carry out environment operations are to strictly control the total amount of exhausting pollutants, such as waste water, waste residue and waste gas within target; implementing energy saving and consumption reduction, and launching comprehensive utilization of resources; putting an end to major pollution accidents and major environmental complaints.

With the improvement of the industry standards, we promise further reducing the exhaustion of pollutants, increasing the investment in environmental protection, so that the enterprise environment protection level can keep up with the trend, and letting each pollutant exhausting indicators stay in the leading role in the industry, trying our best to formulate "resource-saving and environment-friendly" enterprise.

As at December 2017, RMB7,286,400 was invested for ecological recovery and remediation, with approximately 260,000 square meters of vegetation recovered, and 6,000 trees of various kinds of 2,069 kg of grass seeds planted accumulatively.




Adhering to the people-centered concept, we create staff members with good working environment and ensures them with a good health and a safe place. The company encourages staff members to give play to their creativities and potentials, expecting that they can seek personal development from the company and achieve the mutual development.

We provide equal opportunities in all respects to the staff members and creates a fair and nondiscriminatory atmosphere among them and the employee structure shows a diversified distribution.
To enrich employees's after-work life and enhance their physical and mental health, we arrange health check, entertainment, sports and social activities for them. We also have a employee's club featuring a library and recreational and fitness facilities.


With the Company tenet of "depending on mining industry to serve our country and our people", we attach great importance to the development of a harmonious relationship between the company and the community in which we operate. We get to know the demands of the community from taking part in the activities of the community, and with actual actions, we try hard to make sure that the interests of community could be considered into the business activities of the Company. We care about and offer help to the people in need from the communities in which it operates.

We offer daily necessities including rice, flour and edible oil to distressed employees and their families from the communities in which it operates before each Hari Raya, Eid al-Adha and Spring Festival.
In 2017, we participated the activity of "Study-Aid in Golden Fall" organized by Yining County Party Committee am Yining County Government, and donated RMB700,000 to the impoverished students.
We selected a batch of young hardworking Kazakhstan people with good comprehensive quality from Oyiman Bulak Village in Kalayagaqi Township, and trained them. Those met the job requirements of our company could be employed to work in the mine.