The principal business objectives of Hengxing Gold are to explore, develop and operate gold projects. We would seek investment opportunities for obtaining suitable quality assets to strengthen the Company’s asset portfolio and resource base by acquisitions and the Company will develop through the following strategies:

The Company plans to strengthen mine plan and production schedule in the Gold Mountain Mine in order to maintain the stability of the output. The management team of the mine continues to be focused on improving the efficiency of the operation including enhancing ore processing procedures and increasing recovery rate. We anticipate the improvement would optimize the economical outcome.

The Company is determined to be focused on gold exploration and mining operation activities. In the past years the company has successfully and significantly improved the operational results of Gold Mountain Mine, it helped to secure a healthy ground for the Company for further growth. With strong financial support, we consider current and near-term market condition providing an opportunity for growth by acquisitions. The Company would make continual efforts to pursue high-quality gold assets from both domestic and overseas. Our primary target is pursuing gold assets in advanced stage to strengthen the Company’s resource and reserve basis. In the long term, the Company plans to grow to a mid-tier gold producer with a global portfolio of long-life assets.

The company is committed to participate in the Green Mining initiative led by the state government. We vigorously promote cautious behavior throughout our workforce with safety control and acknowledgement of the precious ecological environment surround the mine area. It is our ultimate goal to eliminate workplace injuries and illnesses, in order to do so, relevant policies focused on behaviors, leadership and risk management are being implemented. In the past years Hengxing Gold has developed several green projects cooperated with local communities for growing trees, vegetables, flowers and protection of biodiversity. There is also an employee program to select and train young people from local minority villages to work in the Gold Mountain Mine.


Effective corporate governance practices have been a primary focus of the Board of Directors since the Corporation's inception. The directors of the Corporation are committed to maintaining a high standard of corporate governance for the proper operation of the business of the Corporation and the effective protection of its interests.

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